"Nice having you here! I’m Sasha.
I’m a serial female entrepreneur and a platform-creating enthusiast."

UIUX prototyping


(n.) “Non-paid acknowledgement that motivates me”

Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2017
Malaysian Business 40 under 40 Inspiring Young Malaysian 2018
CLEO Hotshots 30 under 30 2017
Top 20 in K-startup Grand Challenge 2016 (Korea)
The Golden Globe Tigers Award 30 Women Achiever & Leaders 2017

Tech in Asia 12 under 30 Promising SEA Entrepreneur 2016 
Top 10 Inspiring New Generation Malaysian Businesswomen


(v.) “I build ideas into reality”



(adj.) “I take $ & equity, to suggest things that work & warn you about things that won’t”

iPrice logo.png

Interim Product Manager

Hired to drive user engagement initiatives in its coupon model. 


Aladdin Group logo.png

Interim COO

Hired to turn around a major delay of the company's public relaunch.


Led the company’s existing team of the time to a successful platform relaunch within a short 8 weeks’ time through a restructuring of team responsibilities, redraft of SOPs, platform rebuilding and recraft brand positioning.

Goceb logo.png

Celebrity Strategist

Hired during its stagnant growth stage.


Led celebrity acquisition strategy to a 22x growth in celebrity onboarding and achieved an efficient balance of supply and demand for the platform's onward growth


(n.) “I’m useful at a handful of things”



(v.) “I surface at times for your entertainment”



(adj.) “When I get a weekend, my goal is to not hear from you”